Q.1 According to a Hindi proverb, how does a dudh ka jala drink his chanch?

Q.2 Which is the only one of these creatures to not walk on four legs?

Q.3 Which of these is shorter than 1 inch?

Q.4 In the Mahabharata, who among these was the uncle of Ghototkach?

Q.5 Which of these MPs became the first BJP leader to present the rail budget in the Parliament?

Q.6 Which monarch sat on the British throne during the First war of Indian Independence?

Q.7 The world’s largest island Greenland is an autonomous region within the kingdom of which country?

Q.8 On which of these Google apps are you most likely to see a satellite view of your city?

Q.9 Which of these fractions is of the greatest value?

Q.10 What would you be using in India if you needed an STD code?