(FFF)-1 Starting with the earliest, arrange these literary figures in chronological order [A] Mirza Ghalib [B] Kalidasa [C] Rabindranath Tagore [D] Salmaan Rushdie

Q.1 The potato is believed to have been originated in which of these places?

Q.2 The Gangs Action Plan was launched by which Prime Minister to make Ganga pollution free?

Q.3 Which of these banks opened its first branch in the present day Pakistani city of Lahore in 1895?

Q.4 What is the name of the revolver specially designed for women by Ordnance Factory Kanpur in 2014?

Q.5 Who is the first woman cricketer to win the Arjuna Award?

Q.6 In which of the following events will the fastest person win?

Q.7 What is the main ingredient of Kulcha in Matar Kulcha or Chole Kulcha?

Q.8 According to a song filmed on Farhan Akhtar,a Masto Ka Jhund,will do on a desolate night?

Q.9 Banganapalli and Kesar are varieties of which of these fruits?

Q.10 Who is the subject of Sanjaya Baru’s book, The Accidental Prime Minister?