(FFF)-1 Starting with the easternmost,arrange these women chief ministers according to their respective states in clockwise direction. [A] Vasundhara Raje [B] Anandiben Patel [C] J Jaylalithaa [D] Mamata Banerjee

(FFF)-2 Arrange these films in increasing order of the numbers mentioned in their titles. [A] Sholay 3D [B] Ek Villain [C] 2states [D] Dedh Ishqiya

Q.1 In Hindu marriages what do bridal couples exchange at mandaps?

Q.2 Which of these is measured with the help of a glucometer?

Q.3 With which of these states does Telengana not share its border?

Q.4 How many watts equal a megawatt?

Q.5 What discovery in 1823 is credited to the British official Robert Bruce?

Q.6 Which of these numbers is only divisible by 1 and itself?

Q.7 Which of these is not a Dravidian language?

Q.8 Which Parliamentarian is the author of 1001 animal quiz, Fish Quiz, Bird quiz and Insect Quiz?

Q.9 In 2014,on which ground did India win a test match after 28 years?

Q.10 Which of these animals is the largest member of the dog family?