Q.1 In a circle, which of these is half of the diameter?

Q.2 About whom did the poet write,” Lakshmi thi yaa Durga thi woh swayam veerta ki avatar, dekh marathe pulkit hote uski talwaaroke ke waar?”

Q.3 Which of these gases is named for it’s color?

Q.4 Which queen did Draupadi,the wife of five pandavas, serve in the guise of Sairandhri for one year?

Q.5 Which newspaper once kept its editorial cloumn blank as a mark of protest against the emergency of 1975?

Q.6 Which aspect about a person is known by the words ‘natkhat’ and ‘manmauji’?

Q.7 Which demon is shown alongside goddess Durga in puja pandals during the traditional Durga Puja celebrations?

Q.8 In which of these sports are the terms reverse swing and reverse sweep used?

Q.9 Which of these temples is located in Kathmandu,the capital of Nepal?

Q.10 Who was the first deaf-blind person to receive a bachelor of arts degree?