Q.1 Which of these spices is the smallest in size?

Q.2 If Jwala Gutta and Ashwini compete as partners,in which sport are they participating?

Q.3 Which battle in 1757 marked the beginning of British occupation in India?

Q.4 What kind of creature was Bakasur, whom Kansa sent to kill Sri Krishna in his childhood?

Q.5 Which is the second most spoken language of Nepal?

Q.6 Which of these stages is one of the four stages of human life in ancient Indian tradition?

Q.7 In which of these two sports is the term ‘free hit’ used?

Q.8 Which of these medical conditions is most likely to cause dehydration?

Q.9 During which of these legendary events did Lord Vishnu take the form of Kurma?

Q.10 In which state is the Larji Hydroelectric Power Project located?