[arrowpress_heading big_heading_title=”Game Rules” tag_heading=”tag-h2″ heading_align=”left” animation_delay=”500″ css=”.vc_custom_1537879462831{margin-top: -3px !important;}”]
  • There will be 10 questions with multiple choice answers in every game. You get 30-60 seconds to answer depending on the difficulty level
  • You will get Reward Points & Score for every correct answer that you give.
  • You will get 10 Attempts in a Day, for New Attempts visit every next day.
  • Click on Restart Tab for Next Attempt
  • You can play another Game (after 10 attempts) on redeeming 5000 points.
  • There are 3 Stages where your Points get locked (Q3, Q6, Q10), so you get minimum points.
  • Fifty-Fifty lifeline eliminates 2 options and leaves you with only 2 choices.
  • Double Dip lifeline allow the contestant to make two guesses at a question, but required them to play out the question, forbidding them to walk away or use any further lifelines.
  • Flip The Question lifeline will replace the current question with another one of the same point’s value.
  • In case of power / system failure before completion of the contest, your that attempt will not be counted.
  • In case of any difficulty in logging in, email us at klip@klipinterest.com with details- your login or username.
  • Do not hit Refresh /Back /Forward button in the middle of the quiz; it will spoil your attempt.
  • Top 10 Scores of the Week will be displayed in TOP SCORES.
  • If you Quit at any Stage, you will get the Points earned till last Stage.
  • Scores will be allotted according to the time taken by the contestant. For example, if someone answers the same question in lesser duration as compared to other contestant, the first one will get higher score.
  • If you answer the question in:
    • 0-3: you will get 5 times the scores allotted
    • 4-8: you will get 4 times the scores allotted
    • 8-10: you will get 3 times the scores allotted
    • 10-12: you will get 2 times the scores allotted
    • After 12: you will get 1 time the scores allotted
  • If you do not answer in the given time game will end there.