Q.1 Which of these events or terrestrial bodies normally cannot be seen more than twice in one’s lifetime?

Q.2 Pullipuram fort, considered to be one of the oldest surviving European monuments in India, built by which colonial power?

Q.3 Sir Edmund Hillary served as which county’s high commissioner to India,Bangladesh and Nepal?

Q.4 According to the 2011 census which of these states enjoys a literacy rate of over 90%?

Q.5 Which of these is generally eaten with spiced water?

Q.6 What was the real identity of Krissh, the lead character of a series of Hindi super hero films?

Q.7 What are bye and leg bye?

Q.8 Which of these asuras had a boon that only a son of Shiva could kill him?

Q.9 Ruksar Khatoon is the final documented case of which disease in India?

Q.10 Complete this Hindi saying, “Duwidha me dono gaye,___ mili na Rama”, which means that a confused person loses everything

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