Today is Monday. After 61 days, it will be:

Each day of the week is repeated after 7 days.
So, after 63 days, it will be Monday.
Therefore, After 61 days, it will be Saturday.

Look at this series: 2, 1, (1/2), (1/4), ... What number should come next?

This is a simple division series; each number is one-half of the previous number. In other terms to say, the number is divided by 2 successively to get the next result. 4/2 = 2, 2/2 = 1, 1/2 = 1/2, (1/2)/2 = 1/4, (1/4)/2 = 1/8 and so on.

Dog: Rabies :: Mosquito: ?

The bite of the first cause the second.

Showing a photograph P said, “She is my mother's mother's son's daughter ". How is the person in the photograph related to P?

P's mother's mother's son is P's uncle. P's uncle's daughter is P's cousin.

Identify the logical sequence of words: 1. Birth 2.Death 3.Funeral 4.Marriage 5.Education

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